GSN Review: Mason Jar Shaker

Collecting bMason-Jar-Cocktail-Shaker-3artending paraphernalia can be an addicting hobby.  There’s always something new and different that promises to be the next big thing.  I own dozens of shakers, but this is the first one that uses a Ball mason jar.  It’s actually a pretty cool idea.  With the simple addition of two metal pieces, an inexpensive jar that you can get at most grocery stores is transformed into a bar tool.

The initial idea for this came from Josh and Eric, two southerners now located in Brooklyn, NY who started a campaign last year.  They handily raised the funds to get their idea off the ground, and now are selling their product online.

The unit itself is sturdy, well designed and easy to use.  There is plenty of room in the jar to mix up 2-3 cocktails at a time, and clean up is a breeze.  My only hesitation is that the holes in the lid don’t allow for a quick pour.  You really have to move the shaker around to get all of the liquid out and into the cocktail glass.  If they do a slight re-design with fewer and larger holes, I think it will work much better.*  Another possibility is to cut specialty shaped holes in the metal strainer.  (Moons or stars might be interesting).

As it is, it’s got a great look and feel, plus it makes a great conversation piece for the bar.

GSN Rating: B+

*They have done a re-design of the the lid with larger holes.  It works like a charm!

For more info go to Mason Shaker

3 thoughts on “GSN Review: Mason Jar Shaker

  1. I understand that this is a novelty item, but it seems a bit pricey at $29 for something screwed on to an inexpensive mason jar. For that price you can get a pretty nice traditional cocktail shaker.

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