GSN Review: Cariel Vodkas

cariel-bottleIn a world filled with vodkas that are distilled anywhere from 5-50 times, it is rare to find one that as Philip Duff says, “Dares to have taste”.  Cariel is crafted from Swedish winter wheat, along with barley and glacial water to create something that has an flavorful expression of Sweden.

They also make a vanilla vodka utilizing two kinds of vanilla, one from India and the other from Madagascar.  The blend makes for an altogether different kind of vodka experience.

Cariel Vodka (81.4 proof)
Visual: Clear.
Nose: Crisp high notes of wet slate, along with a touch of sweet dairy cream.
Taste: Bright and with a rich body layered with elements of salt, caster sugar, mineral water and the barest hint of peppercorn.
Finish: Dry and refined with a healthy dose of wheat terroir.
Overall: A substantial vodka that holds up well in mixed drinks, as well as being a fine sipper on its own.  I was impressed with the mouthfeel and character of the grain mix.
GSN Rating: A-

Cariel Vanilla Vodka (75 proof)
Visual: Slight hint of gold.
Nose: Dark scent of vanilla caramel.
Taste: Subtle and not sweet in the least.  More of a slightly bitter vanilla bean flavor.  A light touch for just a hint of vanilla.
Finish: Quick with a lanolin creaminess which makes this perfect for vanilla tinged martinis.
Overall: A quite natural flavor which hints at the complex subtleties of the vanilla profile.
GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: Cariel

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