GSN: Backbar Review – May 27-31, 2013

imagesMoët Hennessy has launched a limited edition Ardbeg expression coinciding with the single malt Scotch brand’s annual Ardbeg Day celebrations. The new release, Ardbog, is matured in ex-Manzanilla casks and is bottled at 52.1% abv. and will retail at around $99 a 750-ml. Out of 2,500 cases produced, 1,000 will come to the U.S. In support of the launch, Ardbeg has renamed its 2013 Ardbeg Day event Ardbog Day, and will host a series of promotions, tastings and parties throughout the U.S., from May 28 through June 1. Ardbeg Day is held on the final day of Islay’s annual Festival of Malt and Music, when the Ardbeg distillery is opened to the public. The Scotch brand first launched worldwide celebrations of the event in 2012, alongside its debut limited edition Ardbeg Day offering, Ardbeg Galileo.

imagesChris Radomski and Jayson Woodbridge of Hundred Acre Wines have partnered with Ethan Wayne, son of John Wayne, to establish craft producer Monument Valley Distillers. The artisan distiller will craft small batches of Bourbon, whiskey and brandy under the brand name Duke Spirits (to honor John Wayne). The first release is a limited edition Duke Special Reserve Brandy ($350), with only a limited quantity available by waitlist. Designed to commemorate John Wayne’s birthday (May 26) and his legacy, the brandy has been aged for 24 years and was distilled in an alambic pot still.

All information courtesy of Shanken News Daily

One thought on “GSN: Backbar Review – May 27-31, 2013

  1. Actually, the limited edition release on Ardbeg Day 2012 was Ardbeg ‘Day’…Galileo came out later in the year. 😉

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