Imbibing Mr. Boston: Black Russian Cocktail

IMG_3826-800This is one of those cocktails that seems like it originated in the heady days of cocaine, disco and unsafe sex.  Not so.  This one can trace its heritage directly back to 1949, when it was created by Gustave Tops (not Russian, but Belgian) at the Hotel Metropole in Brussels.  Odder still, it was made in honor of Perle Mesta, the then current U.S. ambassador to Luxembourg.

So, why a Black Russian?  Vodka.  Which at the time, was still a pretty obscure spirit outside of the U.S.S.R.  Kahlua, the only other ingredient, is a Mexican liqueur which debuted in 1936.  So, I suppose it could just as easily been called a “Black Mexican”.  But, it just doesn’t have the same ring to it tho’.

Black Russian
1.5oz vodka
0.75oz coffee liqueur

Pour into ice-filled old-fashioned glass and stir.

One thought on “Imbibing Mr. Boston: Black Russian Cocktail

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