Imbibing Mr. Boston: Blood and Sand Cocktail

IMG_4134-800As a lot of my readers know, this cocktail is named after a Rudolph Valentino film entitled, “Blood and Sand”.  One of the biggest pictures of 1922, it has been remade several times over the last century; most recently in a 1989 Spanish film which starred Sharon Stone.

However, my film pick is the 1922 parody “Mud & Sand” featuring Stan Laurel (of Laurel & Hardy fame).  You can watch the film below while you’re sipping the cocktail.

The drink itself sounds horrific, yet tastes exquisite.  Whoever came up with this drink had serious mixology skills.  I believe that the name is quite fitting as well, since the color is a dark red with a sandy-looking tan foam on top.

Blood and Sand
0.5oz blended scotch whiskey (I use Famous Grouse)
0.5oz cherry-flavored brandy (Cherry Heering is the only choice here)
0.5oz sweet vermouth
0.5oz orange juice

Shake with ice and strain into chilled cocktail glass.

One thought on “Imbibing Mr. Boston: Blood and Sand Cocktail

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