GSN: Backbar Review – July 22-26, 2013

indexLondon luxury retailer Harrods has teamed up with The Dalmore Scotch whisky to create a limited edition range, The Dalmore Paterson Collection. Consisting of 12 whiskies, the collection is for sale in Harrods’ newly renovated Fine Spirits Room for £987,500 ($1.52 million). The collection features 12 expressions, each of which have been nosed, tasted and selected by The Dalmore’s master distiller, Richard Paterson, in partnership with Harrods’ wine and spirits buyer, Nick Fleming. The whiskies were chosen from an old stock and date from 1926 up to the 1990s. Each is packaged in a handcrafted crystal decanter produced by leading crystal house Glencairn.

indexDes Plaines, Illinois-based importer and marketer A. Hardy USA has added a new VSOP Organic Cognac to its Hardy Cognac range. Made with all-natural ingredients and no chemical additives, the 40%-abv offering has received organic certification from France’s Ecocert organization. Additionally, the organic entry is bottled in recycled packaging. Priced at $59.99 a 750-ml. A. Hardy VSOP Organic Cognac joins the existing Hardy Cognac portfolio, which includes core VS, VSOP and XO expressions and a variety of specialty and luxury extensions.

imagesBuffalo Trace Distillery has debuted a line of experimental Bourbons. The Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection consists of four different whiskies—Wheat 125, Wheat 115, Wheat 105 and Wheat 90—priced at $46 a 375-ml. bottle. According to Buffalo Trace, the company was experimenting with theories about whether a higher “entry proof” or lower “entry proof” (the alcohol content when it enters the barrel for aging) would result in a better product. By keeping all of the variables consistent such as the proof off the still, aging time and placement, the company studied how entry proof affects aging. Buffalo Trace put all four Bourbons in the barrel at different proofs (for which they were named), resulting in a variety of tastes. All were aged for 11 years and seven months, and were bottled at 90-proof.

All information courtesy of Shanken News Daily.

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