GSN Review: Filthy Food Premium Drink Garnishes

filthyWith a name like Filthy Food, you’ve got to wonder how good it’s going to be.  No worries though.  Their line of cocktail garnishes are high quality and range from classic olives, onions and cherries to some unusual choices including hot pepper stuffed olives and black cherries.  They’ve already garnered recognition from the likes of Jimmy Fallon and won “Best New Bar Product” at the NYC Bar & Wine Show.

They sent me the following products for review, although there are several others in their portfolio.

Filthy Pickle – A gherkin stuffed green olive in brine.  Really nice flavor balance between the pickle and the olive.  The brine has just enough salinity to make it mouth-watering, but not over the top.  The texture works well too, as the soft olive gives way to a slight crunch in the pickle.  Very nice, and a wonderful Martini garnish!  GSN Rating: A-

Filthy Blue Cheese Olive – A blue cheese stuffed green olive in brine.  A match made in heaven.  The cheese holds up quite well, and is creamy with a mellow flavor.  The olive and brine combo headlines here, but not to the point of distraction.  After all, this is an olive garnish.  Well done.  GSN Rating: B+

Filthy Pepper – A piri piri pepper stuffed green olive in hot brine.  The brine itself is mildly hot, but not volcanic.  The peppers are rated pretty high on the Scoville scale (175,000), so be wary of potential.  The spiciness just goes on and on.  If you eat this while you’re drinking your cocktail, you’ll probably want something to cool your mouth down.  Best wait until the cocktail is finished and then have a shot of heavy cream as a sidecar.  Anyway, an interesting idea that looks great in the glass.  GSN Rating: B

Black Cherry – A wild Italian Amarena cherry in dark cherry syrup.  A heartier cherry with a slightly sour tang.  The syrup is a bit tart, but the cherry evens things out.  Definitely an improvement over the typical neon colored orbs that you find in the supermarket.  These are larger and also stemless, making for a perfect addition to that lonely cocktail pick.  Tasty.  GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: Filthy Food

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