GSN Review: Charbay Nostalgie Black Walnut Liqueur


When I was quite young, my grandparents would pay me a penny apiece to pick up the hundreds of Black Walnuts that would fall from the trees in their backyard.  The smell of the sticky green hulls always brings me back to childhood.  Unfortunately, the nuts were never used for anything other than compost, but I remember the work involved in getting the nuts gathered.  Crawling around the ground wearing gloves and getting sticky black goo on my clothes.

So, it is this memory that gives me admiration for the individuals at Charbay who actually gather three different kinds of locally grown walnuts by hand to make this beverage.  The nuts are aged for two years in spirits and then blended with a proprietary mixture of herbs and spices and sugar.  One taste and you’ll never look back.

Charbay Black Walnut Liqueur (60 proof)
Visual: Intensely dark brown.
Nose: Spiced nuts with a heady dose of walnut.  Mouth-watering baking spices and homemade nut pie along with sweet molasses notes bring everything together in a sum greater than its parts.
Taste: Rich, intense sweetness with an almost chewy walnut flavor.  Bordering on the edge of syrup, the liqueur remains entirely elegant, dessert-like, and akin to a nut nectar.  You can almost imagine royalty sipping this in medieval period Europe.
Finish: The nut character goes on forever and never becomes cloying.  The sweetness reminds you that this is a liqueur and that one small glass is entirely suitable.
Overall: As with most Charbay products, this is both unique and outstanding.  Truly a delight to share on extra special occasions.
GSN Rating: A+

For more information go to: Charbay

2 thoughts on “GSN Review: Charbay Nostalgie Black Walnut Liqueur

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