GSN Review: Lola Belle Cherry Rum


Faithful GSN readers know that I love a good story.  It always makes the product that much more interesting.  However, I was able to find no supporting story to back up the claim that Lola Belle was a historical burlesque dancer who covered herself with cherries.  Yet, that is the supposed back story behind Lola Belle Cherry Rum.  I wish it was true, it would make the product seem that much more interesting.  Regardless of any story to share with you, here are my review notes.

Lola Belle Cherry Rum (80 proof)
Visual: Bright candy apple red.
Nose: Intense cherry nose similar to what you find inside a chocolate covered cherry.
Taste: Surprisingly dry and not at all sweet considering the bright color.  Instead, a slightly bitter and intense cherry flavor that seems to lack any rum character.  If you had set this down in front of me while I was blindfolded, I’d swear it was cherry flavored vodka.
Finish: There’s a somewhat harsh bitterness that lingers.  I find myself wanting something to cleanse the palate.
Overall: A decent flavor for mixing with soda like cola or lemon-lime, but I’m not sure that it works so well in mixed cocktails.  Perhaps ice-cold shots of Lola Belle will suit the college crowd.
GSN Rating: C

For more information go to: Lola Belle

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