GSN Review: Hella Bitters

l_153276hbbundlepackHella Bitters based in Brooklyn, NY has one goal in mind.  They “want to change the way people think about their beverages.”  Intentionality and craftsmanship are evident in their two bitters.  Started as a hobby on the west coast by three friends, and initially funded by a Kickstarter campaign, they are now firmly established in the rapidly growing community of bitters manufacturers in NYCBut, you won’t find a location called Hella anywhere within the five boroughs.  Hella is bay area, California slang for “very”.  Hella clever.

Hella Bitter Citrus – The citrus flavor supports a more dominant herb and spice portfolio.  These are quite tasty and will liven up just about any spirit.  There’s a fresh, almost gastronomical flavor that is somewhat sweeter than many orange bitters.  As a side note, the hole in the dropper bottle is extremely small, so you may have to shake it a few times to equal the amount of bitters you would normally get from other manufacturers.  GSN Rating: A-

Hella Bitter Aromatic – Molasses notes along with cinnamon seem to be the headliners here. After a while, there seems to be an almost root beer overtone. Very well balanced and intense, perfect for dark rum along with bourbon and rye whisky cocktails.  Tasty and quite well done.  GSN Rating: A

For more information about Hella Bitters click here.

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