GSN Review: Penny Blue XO Mauritian Rum

Penny_Blue_bottle_for webMany, many years ago, I was a stamp collector.  Now, I collect spirits.  This new rum got me to reminiscing and thinking about how far I’ve come with my obsessions.  Not too far, apparently as friends of mine know.  🙂

The Penny Blue stamp originated on the island of Mauritius back in 1847.  Because of an engraving error, the stamp has become one of the most sought after postage stamps in the world.  There are only 12 in existence today.  So, now that you know the story behind the name of this rum, how about some information on the rum itself?

Made at the Medine distillery on the island (in operation for over 85 years) the spirit is a blend of rums aged for an average of seven years in Bourbon, Cognac and Whisky barrels.  Each batch is hand selected, non-chill filtered and numbered.  So, if like me, you have the collecting bug, you will want to purchase a bottle from each progressive batch.  But, it may cost you a pretty penny to do so.  The initial allocation of 5,946 individually numbered bottles retail for $79.99 each.

Penny Blue XO (88.2 proof)
Visual: Medium gold.
Nose: Like fresh hay and clover honey.  Summer encapsulated in a glass.
Taste: Sweet and expressive with a lot a percolating baking spices peeking through the initial layer of sugar.  The higher proof brings out a peppery heat that works well to distinguish it from other older aged rums.
Finish: A slightly dry and perfectly suited bitter note, creeps in and balances out the typical sweetness found in rum.
Overall: Quite memorable and engaging.  I like this in a snifter with just a drop or two of water to bring out a richer nose and more layered flavor.
GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Anchor Distilling

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