GSN Review: 300 Joules Cream Liqueurs

300 joulesJames Prescott Joule was a 19th century physicist and brewer who is remembered today for his work with the study of thermodynamics.  It is he who is immortalized by the unit of electrical measurement known as a joule.

Ron Haberman (who created 300 Joules liqueur) was formerly a cardiologist who regularly used this amount of energy when he had to use a defibrillator to start someone’s heart beating again.*  Then, he decided to get into the beverage industry.  And thus, the name of the liqueur.  In fact, Mr. Haberman oversees every aspect of the manufacture and bottling of his product, so in a sense he is now putting his heart into 300 Joules, rather than the other way around.

Note: Unlike most liqueurs, this one is designed to be kept in the freezer and served ice-cold.

*Oddly, standard defibrillators use 200 joules.  But, 200Joules(dot)com was already taken, so Mr. Haberman simply upped the number.

Lemon Infusion (26.8 proof)
Visual: Creamy pale yellow.
Nose: Just a whiff of lemon.
Taste: Lemon curd and heavy cream with a distinct alcohol bite.  The lemon is slightly tangy with a rich and long-lasting citrus flavor.
Finish: Long and sweet, with a cream-based dessert mouthfeel.
Overall: Rich and indulgent with a natural and cohesive flavor.
GSN Rating: B+

Ginger Infusion (25.4 proof)
Visual: Creamy tan.
Nose: Mild cream.
Taste: General sugary sweetness is the overall character, somewhat tempered by a hefty dose of ginger heat.
Finish: This has a grainier mouthfeel than the lemon, but the warmth of the ginger goes on for quite a while.
Overall: Overall, this seems to be sweeter than necessary.  I like the zing of the ginger, but it plays a distant role in the overall profile.  It might work better with a slightly higher proof.
GSN Rating: C+

Cinnamon Infusion (26.8 proof)
Visual: Creamy tan.
Nose: Freshly grated cinnamon sugar.
Taste: The cinnamon seems to bond much better with the sweetness than the ginger infusion did.  The flavor is balanced and natural, not at all like cinnamon red-hots.
Finish: Medium long with a similar aftertaste to cinnamon chewing gum.
Overall: It’s better than the ginger infusion, but seems to be lacking depth overall.
GSN Rating: B-

For more information go to: 300 Joules

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