GSN Review: Punt e Mes Vermouth

Punt-e-MesPunt e Mes means “point and a half”.  This actually makes sense based on the flavor profile.  It is two parts sweet and one part bitter.  Traditionally, Italian vermouths are a mix of bitter herbs, sweet wine, sugar  and a fortifying distilled alcohol base.  Punt e Mes is a perfect example of the style.  Made by the Carpano family (of Carpano Antica fame) until 2001, this Italian vermouth is now produced by the Fratelli Branca company.

Punt e Mes (32 proof)
Visual: Very dark brown.
Nose: Slightly medicinal in the vein of a Ricola lozenge.
Taste: Quite sweet and yet at the same time, slightly sour and bitter.  The bitterness creeps in towards the end after a large hit of slightly burnt caramel sweetness.  The herbal profile is mild and fairly mellow.
Finish: More sweetness than I prefer.  I’m reminded of cola syrup.
Overall: Better than many Italian vermouths, but somehow lacking a distinct herbal sensibility.
GSN Rating: B

For more information go to: Fratelli Branca

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