GSN Review: Licor 43

911694_0_9999_v1_m565775698416316172014 marks the 90th anniversary of the mysterious golden liquid known as Licor 43.  Based on a Cartagenian beverage enjoyed over 2000 years ago, this liqueur is a blend of forty-three different ingredients.  The main flavors are vanilla, citrus and orange blossom.  Capturing a summer’s day in Spain, Licor 43 is surprisingly versatile.

It can be an interesting substitute for Galliano or Triple Sec, and adds some heft to tiki and faux tropical drinks when used instead of vanilla syrup.

One of the latest drink trends calling for it creates a beer-like visual.  Pour Licor 43 two-thirds of the way into a shot glass and then top with heavy cream.  We tried it at the GSN offices and found that it was similar to creme brulee in a glass.  A nice dessert, but you probably wouldn’t want more than one.

Licor 43 (62 proof)
Visual: Bright yellow.
Nose: Honey spice with a heady vanilla scent.
Taste: Orange citrus gives way to a sugary almost bubblegum flavor coated with a rich vanilla tonality.  Very thick mouthfeel with a lot of sweetness.
Finish: Long with a lot of residual sugar.
Overall: In spite of the number of ingredients, it’s hard to pick up more than a few.  Still, it is well done as a heavy liqueur and should be stocked in any self-respecting bar.
GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: Licor 43

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