GSN Review: Caffe Borghetti

20130513_203300_13684735807Q: What do an Italian railway, a landslide and soccer fans have in common?  Read on….

Caffe Borghetti was originally crafted in 1860 by Ugo Borghetti, in Ancona, Italy.  His recipe was a simple mix of coffee and alcohol called Cafe’ Sport, which he sold to travelers on the Pescara-Ancona railroad line.  The drink became popular enough that he refined his recipe to include a custom blend of Arabica and Robusta beans.  He even designed the original label for the bottles.

Unfortunately, the town of Ancona was severely damaged by a landslide in 1982.  However, the liqueur lives on and is still owned in part by Ugo’s great-grandson Roberto.  Today, it’s even sold in 1 ounces PET plastic bottles for soccer fans to take along to stadiums.  Cafe’ Sport, indeed!

Caffe Borghetti (50 proof)
Visual: Very dark opaque brown.
Nose: Dark roasted espresso coffee.
Taste: Natural and rich coffee flavor with some bitter edges to temper the liqueur’s sweetness.  You can really taste the coffee bean essence, which stands out among other coffee-flavored liqueurs on the market.
Finish: As with real espresso, there is a strong, almost smokey finish which has a hearty flavor.
Overall: If I weren’t already a french-press coffee drinker, I’d switch to Caffe Borghetti every morning.  This is like fresh brewed boozy espresso.  Highly recommended!
GSN Rating: A+

For more information go to: Fratelli Branca

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