GSN Review: Leaf Vodka

deecuisine-leaf-vodkaIt makes sense that the water used in liquor is as important as the distillate.  After all, it’s typically 60% water.  This is especially true of vodka, where the naked spirit is unfettered by infusions, flavorings or barrel-aging.  Just think of the different qualities of bottled water you can find, and you know what I’m talking about.

Leaf uses organic wheat, five times distilled and then marries it to two different pristine waters.  One from Alaska and the other from the Rocky Mountains.  Both are world’s apart in character and a perfect example of how the flavor of water affects the cocktails and spirits we enjoy.  Oh, and both are certified organic.

Leaf Alaskan Glacial Water Vodka (80 proof)
Visual: Clear.
Nose: Fresh, smooth and crisp with high notes similar to grapefruit peel.  Some fennel and fresh lettuce greens.
Taste: Remarkably smooth and creamy with a rich portfolio of minerals that break through after a few seconds.
Finish: Dry and with a touch of cane sugar.
Overall: A well-balanced vodka for just about anything.  It will add some body to a cocktail or make for an easily enjoyed shot.
GSN Rating: B

Leaf Rocky Mountain Mineral Water (80 proof)
Visual: Clear.
Nose: Darker and more subtle than the Alaskan Glacial Water vodka.  There’s an almost leathery scent.  Quite elusive and at the same time, comfortable like a favorite pair of gloves.
Taste: Wow.  Round, smooth and creamy, but with an element of bitterness that cuts right through it all.  I’m reminded of marigold petals and kosher salt.  There’s a dichotomy of flavors here that just plain works.
Finish: Surprisingly long for a vodka.  Warming, slightly metallic and sanguine.
Overall: Way more than I was expecting.  This is very well done and stands out from its sibling.  I could drink this one all night, and still feel great in the morning.  Superb.
GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Leaf Vodka

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