GSN Review: Jackson Cannon Bar Knife

jackson-cannon-bar-knife-256px-256pxOne thing that chefs and quality bartenders have in common is the search for a practical and at the same time, aesthetically beautiful knife.  When you use a tool every day for prep work and making garnishes, you want it to have all the features you will need. It was with this ideal that Jackson Cannon of Boston’s trio of excellent bars Eastern Standard, Island Creek Oyster Bar and The Hawthorne set out to perfect the bar knife.  He sought out a Bostonian couple, Mimi Younkins & Mark Furman from R. Murphy Knives who are only the fourth owners of the company since it was established back in 1850 to help craft the tool.

The design is simple, yet elegant with a high carbon stainless steel blade couched in a cocobolo hardwood handle held in place by a threesome of brass rivets.  It is a joy to hold in the hand and is contoured in an ergonomically friendly way.  The first thing you’ll notice about the design, is the unusual flattened end.  This proved to be quite helpful in removing citrus seeds from fruit and notching lemon and orange wheels.  The other design feature is a totally flush side opposite the blade.  This makes it super easy to quickly scrape any residual fruit or vegetable matter from your workstation.  Brilliant!

I honestly have not used a better knife at the bar, though I’ve tried many others over the years.  This is a sure winner that will become a cherished part of your routine behind the stick.

GSN Rating: A++

For more information go to: R. Murphy Knives

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