GSN Alert: USBG Offers Free Membership

60-Day-Recruitment-BannerI’m a proud member of the USBG, the country’s oldest professional association for bartenders. We’re working hard to restore bartending to a respected, viable career choice in the 21st century.

For a limited time, the USBG is offering a very special opportunity: The chance to experience our learning, resources and access to industry leaders will be FREE for 60 days. Hurry, this offer expires March 15th!

This comes at no obligation to you—all you need is an email address. Just click the button below and use registration code “joinusbg” to get started.

Membership includes access to USBGPulse, which serves our community online. On USBGPulse, the USBG’s local leaders, events, learning experiences, and national competitions such as World Class are provided to boost your knowledge, expertise and marketability in bartending.

Elevating the Craft & improving bartenders’ careers is what we’re all about! If this sounds like something you can get on board with, I hope you’ll sign up and join us.

Blair Frodelius – Good Spirits News

Click Here for 60 Day Trial Membership

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