GSN Review: 2 Gingers Irish Whiskey

2-Gingers-irish-whiskey2 Gingers, although a true Irish whiskey was created by a Minnesotan by the name of Kieran Folliard.  Folliard was a bar owner who saw bottle after bottle of Jameson’s emptied by his thirsty customers.  Thinking he could come up with an equally impressive product, he contracted the Kilbeggan (formerly Cooley) Distillery to craft a four-year old blended Irish whiskey to his specifications.

As for the two ginger haired beauties portrayed on the label?  They are Kieran’s mother and aunt, whom I assume enjoyed their dram of Irish on occasion. 

2 Gingers (80 proof)
Visual: Honeyed gold.
Nose: Mellow notes of malted grain, more caramel than citrus.  Pleasantly traditional.
Taste: Quite smooth and quaffable.  There is a hint of bitter woodiness towards the end, but in my mind that’s better than too much sweetness.
Finish: There’s a bit of fire here which I find surprising.  It’s not necessarily in the distillation, but I think rather in the blending.
Overall: A well done Irish, which stands up to many of the big boys.
GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: 2 Gingers

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