GSN Review: Suerte Tequila

LQ1001_fI’m not sure how the rabbit’s foot became associated with luck.  However, with this new tequila (suerte is Spanish for luck) the rabbit on the bottle is a bit more interesting.  It has all four feet, plus some symbolic tattoos.  A sort of hipster/punk jack-rabbit.  Silly rabbit….

Suerte is prepared in a traditional manner along with some extra finesse.  Here are the details: The agaves are baked for 52 hours and then crushed with a Tahona stone for 16 hours.  Fermentation with a proprietary yeast lasts for 72 hours, and then it is double distilled over a 72 hour period.

Suerte also makes a reposado and an anejo.  GSN was sent the blanco for review.

Suerte Blanco (80 proof)
Visual: Clear.
Nose: Salty, spicy and with heavy with agave funk.
Taste: Warming with a sweet and peppery spice character.  There’s more salinity evident after the initial burst of flavors.  This is a very crisp tequila.
Finish: The peppercorn lingers for quite awhile.  A final note of lime zest completes the picture.
Overall: A perfect tequila for drinking neat or used in a Bloody Maria.  In a Margarita I think it’s a bit too spice forward.
GSN Rating: B

For more information go to: Drink Suerte

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