GSN Review: South Bay Rum


A well made rum is truly a lovely thing.  We here at Good Spirits News have been enjoying a Dominican version recently sent to us for review.  Crafted by Rum Master Pedro Ramon Lopez Oliver in the Cuban style, the rum is produced using the Solera method.  Interestingly, the blend is created from small batch rums aged in ex-bourbon, sherry, port or single malt Scotch casks.  This gives an amazing depth and breadth to the flavor profile which rivals any spiced rum I’ve tasted.  Honestly, this rum is a bargain at only $27.99 a bottle.  You might as well pick up a case.

South Bay Rum (80 proof)
Visual: Warm golden brown.
Nose: Spices, rich molasses and vanilla bean.
Taste: Incredibly smooth and richly flavorful.  Part cinnamon spice, part molasses, part vanilla and part oak.  Each element works to make a cohesive whole that excels on every level.  This is the kind of rum that you will begin a life long friendship with.
Finish: Nice and long with just a hint of the inherent wood aging at the end to give it some zing.  Lovely.
Overall: A beautiful rum for sipping on its own, making a Rum Old-Fashioned, or giving character and elegance to a Dark & Stormy.  Better yet, use this in your next Fish House Punch!
GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: South Bay Rum

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