GSN Review: Berentzen Liqueurs


The Berentzen legacy has been around since 1758 when it was officially recognized as a distillery in the town of Haselünne, Emsland, Germany.  Town Councilor Johann Bernhard Berentzen began a long history of making spirits that today include dozens of spirits and liqueurs.

However, the company’s best-selling product is a fairly recent one having been created in 1976.  Apfelkorn (literally apple grain) is a low proof wheat based schnapps that has apple juice added to it.  If you like hard cider, this takes it one step further.

The GSN offices also received a bottle of their pear liqueur.  This too is a neutral grain spirit with pear juice added.

Berentzen Apple (40 proof)
Visual: Light gold.
Nose: Very cider-like with natural apple scent.
Taste: Sweet baked apple with just a hint of caramel.  Very natural and nothing like the neon green apple liqueurs you’ll find on the bottom shelf of you local liquor store.
Finish: Medium long with the sweetness making a lasting impression.
Overall: A bit sweet for my taste, but loads better than many apple flavored products on the market.  Quite good.
GSN Rating: B

Berentzen Pear (30 proof)
Visual: Slightly cloudy, but clear.
Nose: Candy-like pear notes reminiscent of Japanese sweets.
Taste: Light and quite like an elegant pear dessert.  Fruity, juicy and not overly sweet.
Finish: Dry and crisp with faint lingering notes of pear that hang on to the end.
Overall: Very low in alcohol, making this ideal for less inebriating cocktails.  This will also be great in a Sangria or punch.
GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: Berentzen USA

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