GSN Review: Maurin Vermouth

Maurin_DryBottleshot_300x520pxUntil recently, vermouths have suffered from a bad reputation, partially due to an unfortunate interpretation of the “dry martini”.  Waving a bottle of vermouth over the glass, or bowing in the direction of France totally misses the point.   Vermouth is meant to soften, meld and support a gin base.  Don’t even get me started on shaken vodka martinis.

So, it’s refreshing to see an appreciation for many classic styles of aromatized wines coming back into vogue.  These aren’t newcomers either, many of them are venerable versions with storied histories.  So it is with the French Maurin brand which enjoyed great success from the late 1800’s until the succession of two world wars, prohibition, and the wasteland of disco era cocktails.  The original recipe has been revived for a new appreciative generation of drinkers, and includes an unusual array of infused herbs and spices along with a touch of absinthe.

Maurin currently crafts a dry, a white and a sweet vermouth.  GSN was sent a bottle of the dry for review.

Maurin Dry Vermouth (34 proof)
Visual: Quite pale gold.
Nose: Spicy with a ginger note, bright, clear and crisp.
Taste: Round, smooth and mellow with a fruity sensibility.  Much more in the sweet camp than the tannic dry styles I’m accustomed to.  Quite pleasant and great on its own.
Finish: Some dryness comes through in the mouthfeel after a bit. but the overall effect is of an herbal fruit bomb.
Overall: One of the better dry vermouths I’ve had out of many.  What I particularly like is the warm, summery feel.  Sunshine in a bottle.
GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Anchor Distilling

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