GSN Review: Citadelle Reserve Solera 2013 Gin

Citadelle-ReserveFor the past five years, Citadelle’s Master Distiller Alexandre Gabriel has experimented with a vintage barrel aged gin.  With each successive version, he changed either the botanicals used, the proof, or the char of the barrel.  This latest creation outdoes them all.  Using the solera method of aging, the gin is rested in three different types of barrels (American Oak, ex-brandy and ex-Pineau de Charente), blended with new gin and then aged again.  Finally, some product is removed from the barrel to be bottled, and more new gin is added to the remainder.  This goes on indefinitely and typifies the solera style.

As of today, Citadelle is the only gin distiller using this method.  But don’t worry about not being able to find this gin next year.  The good news is that the company is committed to making the product on an ongoing basis for the foreseeable future.  In other words, this version is not a limited edition!

For more information about the unaged version of Citadelle, see our previous review here.

Citadelle Reserve Solera 2013 Gin (88 proof)
Visual: The slightest pale gold.
Nose: Juniper berries, followed by some citrus and slight woodiness.
Taste: Immediate juniper smoothed out and creamy with notes of vanilla and fresh sweet herbs.  The whole is tempered to a lovely spirit where any rough edges have been replaced with warm and round flavors.
Finish: Medium long, with wood tones and citrus lingering on the tongue for a good while.
Overall: The mouthfeel is amazing and there is a lot of body to this gin that is unlike either the Plymouth style or Dutch genever.  Just outstanding.  This will make any cocktail wake up!
GSN Rating: A+

For more information go to: Citadelle

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