GSN Review: Cockspur Old Gold & Overproof Rums

23-home_defaultThe GSN staff recently attended a Tiki cocktail and culture event in Lake George, NY.  While there, we had the opportunity to sample several rums courtesy of Cockspur.  We’d previously reviewed the Fine and Bajan Crafted 12 Cockspur rums here.  They now offer a few new styles in the U.S.

Cockspur Old Gold (80 proof)
Visual: Coppery gold.
Nose: Lightly fruity with some vanilla and strawberry essence.
Taste: Rich and with more of the strawberry notes.  A dry sandalwood flavor comes through about halfway into the expansion.
Finish: Slightly bitter and dry with next to no sweetness.
Overall: A solid rum useful in cocktails calling for a rum that won’t compete with mixers or juices.  Good for rum shots as well.
GSN Rating: B

Cockspur Overproof (130 proof)
Visual: Clear.
Nose: Strong and bright with cane notes.
Taste: Grassy, smooth, and with a strong bent towards marshmallow and caramel cream centers.  I swear I detect grape candy as well.
Finish: The heat goes on for a long while.  No surprise there.  But, in spite of this, there’s no real fire.  Just a lingering not too sweet candy-like profile.
Overall: Great as a float in tiki drinks or as a boost to an overly sweet Cuba Libre.
GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: Cockspur Rum

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