GSN Review: Fee Brothers Cardamom Bitters (Boker’s Style)

Fee-Brothers-Cardamom-BittersFee Brothers, located in Rochester, NY just celebrated their 150th anniversary this year.  Makers of cocktails bitters for bartenders around the world, they recently debuted a cardamom version which seeks to emulate an even older style.  Bokers has been a defunct brand for over 100 years, although in the 1800’s they were as popular as Angostura in some parts of the world.  A home recipe for these was published in 1883 in an obscure how-to book.

BOKER’S BITTERS (from page 29 of Workshop Receipts Volume 2 by Ernest Spon, 1883)
1 ½ oz quassia
1 ½ oz calamus
1 ½ oz catechu (powdered)
1 oz cardamom
2 oz dried orange peel

Macerate for 10 days in 1 gallon strong whiskey, and then filter and add 2 gal. water. Color with malva flowers.

Fee Brothers are not the only company making a Boker’s style in the 21st century, but they are the only ones creating a non-alcoholic version.

Fee Brothers Cardamon Bitters: The nose is initially somewhat fruity, like bitter orange.  The taste is well balanced and broad with very low dark notes and higher more bitter ones working in tandem.  Overall these are sweeter than other Boker’s style bitters I’ve tried.  Very nice.  GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: Fee Brothers


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