GSN Review: Laphroaig Select

Scotland’s Laphroaig distillery laphroaig_select_mit_gp_700mlcontinues to expand their smokey scotch whiskey portfolio this summer with a blend of old and new world aging styles.  First rested in European oak casks, the spirit is then transferred to American oak ex-bourbon barrels to give it a slightly sweeter finish.  This makes for a more approachable character for those unused to the intense peaty quality of Islay whiskies.  It also makes it ideal for use in punches and cocktails.

Laphroaig Select (80 proof)
Visual: Golden honey.
Nose: Some stone fruit, honey, medium smoke, and almond.
Taste: Light, sweet and somewhat dessert-like.  An interesting maple candy character works quite well with the smokey and salty essence.  Think of candied smoked almonds or bar nuts.
Finish: Medium long with a lot of the sweet smokey notes not wanting to let you go.
Overall: Goes down easy and still retains the usual Laphroaig character, but adds a new dimension which gives it a lot more flexibility for mixology.  In some ways, I’m reminded of Batavia Arrack.
GSN Rating: A-

You can read my review of Laphroaig’s flagship 10-year-old whiskey here.

For more information go to: Laphroaig


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