GSN Review: Milagro Joven Blend UNICO, Second Edition

image002Milagro continues their line of ultra-premium tequilas with a second iteration of UNICO.  This is a silver tequila blended with barrel aged reserves, creating a flavor profile that has joven, reposado and anejo characteristics.  By using a special process, Milagro removes all of the color from the blend, thus leaving it crystal clear.  GSN reviewed the first edition here back in 2012.  Read on to see how the latest 2014 version compares.

UNICO, Second Edition (80 proof)
Visual: Clear.
Nose: Floral, sweet agave, high spice notes with a darker and ruminating oak coloration.
Taste: Quite sweet and rich with a lot of vanilla.  I’m reminded of agave sweetened whipped cream.  Very smooth and easy to drink.
Finish: The sweetness fades fairly quickly, leaving some spice notes and a dry mouthfeel.
Overall: A dessert-like tequila which is unusual in that it has both the freshness of a young tequila and the depth of more intriguing aged spirits.
GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: Milagro

One thought on “GSN Review: Milagro Joven Blend UNICO, Second Edition

  1. I just bought a bottle and think you are being kind with a B+! I have had way better tequila’s at $30! I can’t believe Milagro would bottle this swill and call it a premium tequila! I tried to console myself with it is a cool bottle but then I remember I have their anejo bottle that is just as cool and oh, the tequila tastes good!!

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