GSN Review: SIA Scotch Whisky

sia-scotch-whiskyIt seems as if Kickstarter is the way of the future when it goes to procuring funding for new products.  San Franciscan Carin Castillo (now Luna-Ostaseski) had the brilliant idea to start a Scotch whisky campaign about two and a half years ago.  She raised over $45,000 and the rest is history.

But, where is Sia (“six” in Gaelic) crafted?  As it turns out, in Glasgow by Douglas Laing & Co., Ltd. where they have been making single malt & blended Scotches since 1948.  For SIA, they use a blend of Highland and Speyside malts, with a touch of Islay thrown in for good measure.

SIA Scotch Whisky (86 proof)
Visual: Very pale yellow-gold.
Nose: Honey-malt sweet with just a light touch of peat smoke.
Taste: Delicate, heathery and light in character.  Quite feminine in its approach on the palate.  Round and creamy mouthfeel with a deft use of oak aging.
Finish: Fairly short with the most lasting notes being those of honey and malted barleycorn.
Overall: Easy to drink neat, and even easier on the rocks.  This will get lost in some of the more intense Scotch cocktails like a Blood & Sand.  Great for a Hot Toddy however!
GSN Rating: B

For more information go to: SIA Scotch

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