GSN Review: Amarula Cream Liqueur


As most of my readers know, you can make alcohol from any fermentable grain or fruit.  In 1983, the Southern Liqueur Company of South Africa launched a marula (maroela mampoer) spirit.  Six years later, they debuted Amarula Cream. Similar in many ways to an Irish Cream, Amarula has the addition of a guava-like fruitiness.  As with Irish whiskey, the Marula distillate is aged in oak barrels, but only for two years, then blended with shelf stable cream.

The marula fruit grows on what is colloquially known as the Elephant tree.  Not because it looks like an elephant, but because the fermented fruit is quite attractive to elephants.  There have been hundreds of sightings of what appears to be intoxicated elephants eating over-ripe marula fruits.  No wonder they love it.  Akubekuhle!

Amarula Cream Liqueur (34 proof)
Visual: Beige.
Nose: Strawberries and cream.
Taste: Sweet and fruity with a hearty dose of cream
Finish:Lots of cream stays on the palate, with a blend of fruit and milk chocolate.  You can almost swear you’ve just enjoyed a boozy sundae in a glass.
Overall: The addition of fruitiness works exceptionally well.  In fact, several of us at the GSN offices say they prefer Amarula Cream over Irish Cream.
GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Amarula


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