GSN Review: Bittermilk No. 5 & No. 6

No5_1024x1024BittermilkBittermilk continues their foray into cocktail mixers with two new flavors on the opposite sides of the flavor spectrum.



No. 5 is a salted grapefruit tonic, whilst No. 6 is a Mexican spice inspired syrup designed for use with Mezcal.

How did they fare in the GSN office review?  Read on…

No. 5 – The ingredients list for Charred Grapefruit Tonic are: Organic Lime and Lemon Juices, Organic Cane Sugar, Charred Grapefruit Peel, Cinchona Bark, Spices, and Bulls Bay Sea Salt.  I had to find out where Bulls Bay is located.  Turns out that it is local to Charleston, SC, home of Bittermilk.  I love businesses that source as many ingredients  as possible locally.

The flavor is quite tart, and works best with a lot of dilution or with crushed ice in a swizzle.  The salinity works well with the slight smokiness of the charred grapefruit, but I feel that the lime and lemon dominates the overall aspect.  Regardless, this is still amazingly refreshing and fresh tasting.  If I didn’t know better, I’d have said that the syrup had been made earlier in the day.  There is no comparison to other bottled tonics that I’ve had.  This one is alive with vitality and freshness.  GSN Rating: A-

No. 6 – The ingredients here include Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Raisins, Lemon Peel, French Broad Chocolate Cocoa Nibs & Fines, Dried Chiles, Spices, Cinchona Bark, and Tartaric Acid.  In case you’re wondering what Tartaric Acid is and why it’s in the recipe, its inclusion is three-fold.  It adds sourness, acts as a preservative, and lowers the pH.  Oh, and it’s a natural antioxidant, too.

The initial taste is of very light chocolate, almost with a black licorice character.  Quite sweet and spicy in a mincemeat pie kind of way.  The heat kicks in after a minute with a sensation of ginger candy.  Honestly, this will work just as well with bourbon, dark rum or a reposado tequila as it will with Mezcal.  This cocktail mixer is quite unique and I like it a lot.  The balance of sweet and spicy is perfect and quite memorable.  Try a bit of this in a mug of organic hot chocolate instead of cane sugar and see what you think.  GSN Rating: A+

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For more information go to: Bittermilk

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