GSN Review: Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka

deep-eddy-lemon1Despite the declining popularity of flavored vodkas on the market, Deep Eddy has debuted a new flavor in their fruit based line.

So, what makes Deep Eddy’s version different from all of the others on the market?  Surprisingly, it is adding real lemon juice, yet keeping the proof at the usual 40%.  In fact, if you wanted to make yourself a glass of super potent lemonade, all you would need to do is add some simple syrup.  It’s a bit too tart to drink straight, but has a fresh squeezed flavor that takes it in a new direction unmatched by other citrus vodkas.

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Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka (80 proof)
Visual: Cloudy yellow.
Nose: Sharp lemon peel and juice with a deeper alcoholic undercurrent.
Taste: Strong lemon taste with a hint of sweetness.  Quite tart with a semi-viscous mouthfeel.  A sort of corn-based moonshine character comes out to warm the palate mid-way and then fades again leaving a citrus afterglow.
Finish: Medium long, with a Lemonhead candy finish.  Oddly enough, there seems to be more sweetness at the end than at the beginning.
Overall: A fresh, tasty lemon vodka easily mixable and almost a cocktail in itself.
GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: Deep Eddy

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