GSN Backbar Review: January 12-16, 2015

indexGatlinburg, Tennessee’s Sugarlands Distilling Co. has extended its Sugarlands Shine Legends Series with the launch of Tickle’s Dynamite Cinnamon Moonshine. Inspired by Steven Ray Tickle, best known for appearing on the Discovery Channel television show “Moonshiners,” Tickle’s Dynamite Cinnamon Moonshine will initially be available at Sugarlands’ Gatlinburg headquarters this month, with wider retail distribution to follow in early February. Priced at $25 a jar, the new entry joins Jim Tom Hedrick’s Unaged Rye and Mark Rogers’ American Peach moonshines in Sugarlands’ Legends Series lineup.

indexJalisco International Imports is launching two new products under its Señor Rio Tequila brand nationwide. The first is Cafe Elegancia, a coffee cream liqueur made with Señor Rio Blanco Tequila, priced at $20. The second, Señor Rio Extra Añejo, is a Tequila aged five years and limited to a first batch of 225 bottles, retailing at $300 apiece. Jalisco International, which launched the Señor Rio brand in 2009, also markets Blanco ($43), Reposado ($48) and Añejo ($53) Tequilas.

indexBeam Suntory has reformulated its Jim Beam Rye label, relaunching the expression as Jim Beam Pre-Prohibition Style Rye. Designed to target the cocktail occasion, Pre-Prohibition Style Rye is 90-proof and offers a bolder, spicier taste profile, according to the company. The updated offering also features a new label design, intended to better communicate the brand’s “premium quality.” Jim Beam Pre-Prohibition Style Rye will be available on- and off-premise nationwide this month, priced at around $23 a 750-ml.

indexConstellation’s Svedka vodka is adding two new products, a 100-proof unflavored vodka and a new Grapefruit Jalapeno flavor. Grapefruit Jalapeno ($12.99 a 750-ml.) is intended to capitalize on consumer interest in fusing sweet and spicy flavors. The new 100-proof variant, meanwhile, carries a suggested retail price of $15.35 a 750-ml.

indexBlackheath Beverage Group has added The Duke Kentucky Straight Bourbon to its U.S. sales portfolio. Launched by California’s Monument Valley Distillers in April, The Duke Kentucky Straight Bourbon (around $35 a bottle) is named for film star John Wayne, and claims to be crafted according to Wayne’s taste preferences.

indexConnecticut-based Barrell Craft Spirits, LLC is extending its portfolio of small-batch craft whiskies with the release this month of Barrell Whiskey Batch 001. The latest offering follows the successful launches last year of Barrell Bourbon Batch 001, 002 and 003, with each batch of about 500 cases selling out, according to the company. Whiskey Batch 001, which retails for about $55, is blended from 7- and 8-year-old whiskies and bottled at 122.5 proof. It’s distilled in Indiana and aged in Kentucky in ex-Bourbon barrels with about 800 cases available.

indexBeam Suntory is set to debut a new bonded Bourbon under its flagship Jim Beam brand next month. Hitting select accounts nationwide, Jim Beam Bonded ($23 a 750-ml.) is a 100-proof Bourbon aged four years and produced in a single distillery season at a single distillery in line with the “Bottled in Bond Act” of 1897. Said to feature spicy oak notes with a background of vanilla and caramel, the newcomer is geared toward classic cocktail serves.

indexLa Bodega Internacional has introduced its new J.R. Revelry Bourbon brand in the New York market. The 90-proof entry, which is first distilled in Lawrenceburg, Indiana before being further crafted in Nashville, Tennessee, is priced at around $35 a 750-ml.

indexNew Orleans, Louisiana-based craft distiller Atelier Vie has joined forces with International Wine & Spirits, Inc.—which focuses on distribution of boutique spirits—for statewide availability in its home market. The Atelier Vie portfolio includes absinthes Toulouse Green and Toulouse Red (both $60), Euphrosine Gin #9 ($30), Riz Louisiana rice whiskey ($50) and Buck 25 Vodka ($30), a 125-proof offering intended to be used for infusions.

All information courtesy of Shanken News Daily


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