GSN Backbar Review: February 16-20, 2015

876c64385c226f3df90a6dbd0eb59307Proximo Spirits is launching a new ultra-luxury Tequila under its 1800 brand. 1800 Colección (40% abv) is a double-distilled añejo Tequila that is aged in charred French oak barrels for more than three years. Retailing at $2,000 apiece, each bottle is hand-numbered. Proximo partnered with Los Angeles-based artist Gary Baseman to design a sculptured pewter decanter that comes with each bottle of Colección. The decanter, which took nearly three years to create, is titled Sirena Del Deseo (Mermaid of Desire) and depicts a Mexican folk tale about a warrior who perishes in the sea in pursuit of a mermaid. Only 40 bottles of Colección are being released to retailers across the country.

3__36907_catNew Jersey-based Niche Import Co. is adding a new rum brand, Mezan, to its import portfolio. The Caribbean-sourced Mezan will include a range of three rums—Mezan Jamaica XO and two vintage rums, Jamaica Long Pond 2000 and Panama Variella 2004—each of which are rolling out across the U.S. Each of Mezan’s offerings is unsweetened, uncolored and only lightly filtered.

Platinka-vodka-bottle-100x300World Elite Spirits is extending distribution of its Platinka vodka brand into two new states—Florida and Kansas—beginning next month. Platinka ($20 a 750-ml.) is launching in Florida though BMC Imports and in Kansas through Handcrafted Wine, building on its existing presence in Minnesota and Tennessee. The brand is made in Belarus, distilled from 100% rye sourced from a single estate region of Bialowieza Forest in western Belarus.

Teeling-Single-Grain-Irish-WhiskeyIreland’s Teeling Whiskey Co. has extended its lineup with the launch of a new single grain offering. Made using a modern column distillation process, Teeling Single Grain is matured in California red wine barrels and bottled at 46% abv without chill filtration. According to Teeling Whiskey Co. founder Jack Teeling, the single grain launch is part of the group’s efforts to “drive the expansion of the Irish whiskey category through unique bottling and expressions.” Teeling Single Grain will be available nationwide, priced at $49.99 a 750-ml., and joins the Teeling Whiskey Co.’s flagship Irish whiskey, Single Malt, 21-year-old Single Malt, 26-year-old Single Malt and 30-year-old Single Malt entries.

bols_geneverLucas Bols has debuted a new single-barrel genever aged for six years, which will be sold in limited quantities in New York and online. Four hundred one-liter bottles of Bols Six-Year Aged Genever (42% abv) are being released at $46.99 each. The barrel-aging process imparts notes of vanilla, wood and spice to the herbaceous, juniper flavors of Bols Genever, the company says. Previous aged Bols Genever products have been crafted in French Limousine oak, while the latest offering was aged in American white oak casks.

indexSazerac Co.’s Taaka vodka has added Pineapple and Watermelon expressions to its existing 11-flavor range. Set to roll out this spring, both 30%-abv entries will be available nationwide, retailing at around $7.99 a 750-ml. In addition to Pineapple and Watermelon, Taaka’s existing flavored vodka lineup includes Cherry, Grape, Cake, Whipped Cream, Orange, Coconut, Peach, Red Berry, King Cake, Pink Lemonade and Fruit Punch offerings.

FNS_Syvä_wHallock, Minnesota-based craft distiller Far North Spirits has extended its lineup with the launch of Syvä Vodka and Gustaf Navy Strength Gin. Both handcrafted entries are made from AC Hazlet winter rye sourced from the distillery’s family farm, and distilled in copper pot stills. Billed as a London-style gin, Gustaf is bottled at 114 proof and features 11 botanicals, while Syvä is a charcoal-filtered vodka bottled at 90 proof. The pair will be available throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul market starting early next month. Along with Syvä and Gustaf, Far North’s craft spirits portfolio also includes Alander Spiced Rum, Roknar Rye Whiskey and Solveig Gin. The company’s spirits are distributed in Minnesota and North Dakota by Phillips Wine and Spirits and in New York and New Jersey by T. Edward Wines.

All information courtesy of Shanken News Daily


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