GSN Alert: BarSmarts Coming to Charleston, SC

barsmarts_colageBarSmarts Advanced is coming to Charleston on Tuesday, May 12.

BarSmarts Advanced is a full-day of instruction, education, hands-on mixology, testing and certification that takes place in select cities each year. Hosted by Pernod Ricard USA, and BAR, LLC, these events are a day of challenge, learning, and fun.

The morning session includes an introduction by F. Paul Pacult, a comprehensive blind tasting with Steve Olson and Doug Frost, history and cocktail/punch demos with Dale DeGroff and Dave Wondrich, and a discussion on service/hospitality with Andy Seymour.

In the afternoon, participants will take a 100-question test (includes a blind tasting) and a separate practical exam. The practical exam asks that participants properly make 3 classic cocktails in front of one judge. Feel free to bring your own bar tools or use the ones we provide. Participants that pass both exams will become BarSmarts Advanced Certified – our highest certification!

BarSmarts Advanced starts promptly at 9AM and ends around 5PM. We encourage participants to arrive at 8:30AM to sign in. Breakfast and lunch are included. If you are travelling to BarSmarts Advanced from out-of-town, we suggest arriving the day before the event. The BarSmarts Advanced registration fee is $75. Travel and lodging costs are not included.

To properly prepare for this event, we require all BarSmarts Advanced attendees to take and complete our online BarSmarts program prior to the event.

To take the first step in attending BarSmarts Advanced Charleston, please register and complete the BarSmarts program. Click here for more information on the BarSmarts program.

To register for BarSmarts Live in Charleston, click here.

If you have already completed the online BarSmarts program, and would like to register for BarSmarts Advanced Charleston, please click the link above. If you have any questions or trouble registering, please contact Michael Parker at

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