GSN Backbar Review: March 9-13, 2015

indexBrown-Forman’s Southern Comfort liqueur brand has officially launched its new Caramel Comfort offshoot. Featuring notes of caramel, vanilla and spice, the new 27.5%-abv entry is priced at $16.99 a 750-ml., and joins SoCo’s existing Special Reserve, 100 Proof, Bold Black Cherry and Lime extensions.

indexM.S. Walker and MacDuff International have released Grand Macnish Six Cask Edition blended malt Scotch whisky in the U.S. market. The blend is a combination of six selected single malts representing each of Scotland’s whisky-producing regions—Highland, Speyside, Islay, Campbeltown, Lowland and Islands—for a taste of “Scotland in bottle,” the company says. Macnish Six Cask Edition retails at $36.99 a 750-ml. Grand Macnish has been in continuous production since being founded in 1863 by Glasgow merchant Robert McNish.

indexHillsboro, Oregon’s Big Bottom Distilling has added to its whiskey line with the launch of Big Bottom Barlow Trail, Port Cask Finish ($37.95 a bottle). The latest release, which continues the distillery’s practice of finishing whiskey in Port casks, is a proprietary blend of three whiskies with a straight Bourbon base. It is finished in American oak Tawny Port casks for a sweet berry and citrus nose and ripe berry and spice palate. Big Bottom products are available in Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, Illinois, Georgia and South Carolina.

imagesDiageo is set to reintroduce the I.W. Harper Bourbon brand, which it stopped selling in the U.S. in the 1990s. I.W. Harper will relaunch this month in 4- and 15-year-old variants, which are a blend of whiskies from the New Bernheim Distillery in Louisville and other sources, the Associated Press reports. The 15-year-old variant, which will have more limited distribution than its younger counterpart, is 86 proof and has a mashbill that includes 86% corn and 6% rye. The new I.W. Harper 15-year-old will retail at around $75 a bottle, about twice as much as the more widely available 4-year-old, which contains 73% corn and is 82 proof.

indexSanta Cruz, California’s Venus Spirits has released its second gin entry, Venus Spirits Gin Blend No. 02. Made with a botanical blend featuring notes of orange, bay, cinnamon, vanilla, sage and fennel, Gin Blend No. 02 ($38 a bottle) is rested in American oak casks, giving the gin a golden hue. Gin Blend No. 02 joins Venus Spirits’ Gin Blend No. 01, as well as the distiller’s El Ladrón Blanco Blue Agave Spirit and Wayward Whiskey Single Malt labels.

indexPatrón Spirits has unveiled its first-ever limited edition offering, Patrón Extra Añejo 7 Años. The company’s oldest offering to date, the 100% Weber Blue agave Tequila was aged seven years in 30 French oak barrels at the Hacienda Patrón distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. It was originally meant to age one year, but the company says that as more barrels were added to the aging room, it was forgotten for seven years. Its location in the aging room allowed it to maintain its agave character. Patrón Extra Añejo 7 Años (80 proof) is bottled in a replica of the first hand-blown glass Patrón bottles and finished with a glass stopper. It retails at $299 a 750-ml., with fewer than 700 cases available nationwide.

imagesM.S. Walker has introduced West Cork Distillers’ Glory Irish Poitin into the U.S. market. Translating to “little pot,” Poitin is an Irish white spirit dating to the sixth century. Made from barley, beet sugar and spring water, West Cork Distillers’ version is produced in a classic copper pot still and is recommended to be served in cocktails, neat or on the rocks. Glory Irish Poitin will retail in the U.S. at around $25 a 750-ml. bottle.

All information courtesy of Shanken News Daily


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