GSN Review: J.R. Revelry Whiskey

J.R. Revelry BourbonTake a look at the logo of the J. R. Revelry company and see if you notice anything unusual about it.  Yes, the catchphrase is in Spanish.  What gives?

It has to do with Ricardo Tapia, a Peruvian native who now makes his home in Atlanta, Georgia where La Bodega Internacional is based.  In fact, the J.R. in the whiskey brand’s name stands for Jesus Ricardo Tapia who came up with the recipe and flavor profile.

Oddly enough, the whiskey is not “hecho en Tennessee” however.  It is distilled at the Seagram Distillery in Lawrence, Indiana and then bottled in Nashville, Tennessee.  I was unable to find out where it is aged.  Regardless, it’s a multi-state endeavor.

J.R. Revelry Whiskey (90 proof)
Visual: Rich gold.
Nose: Sweet corn and barley candy with a touch of oak. Slight notes of new leather and rubber.
Taste: Quite woody with a lighter caramel and vanilla touch than typically found in bourbons.  The higher proof does well to make this almost seem like a bottled-in-bond older style.  Aggressive, but also fully confident and self-aware.
Finish: Long with a see-saw back and forth between smokey barrel and sweeter roasted corn.
Overall: I’ve been enjoying this bourbon straight, with a rock, and in Manhattans.  It does it all folks!
GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: J.R. Revelry


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