GSN Review: Molinari Caffè

liqueur-sambuca-molinari-caffe-70clFor those of you who are more adventurous spirits, Molinari Caffè may be just the coffee flavored liqueur for you.  Made with coffee beans from Guatamala, the Dominican Republic, Java, Togo and Congo; it has a base spirit of anise flavored sambuca.  In a sense, this is a cafè corretto liqueur.

A popular tradition in Italy, “correcting” one’s coffee or espresso involves adding a splash of grappa, brandy or sambuca to fortify both the beverage and the imbiber.  The Molinari company located in Colefelice, Italy has been making Molinari Caffè for the past twelve years, but the brand is a relative newcomer to the U.S. market.

Try some in place of your usual coffee liqueur in your next Black or White Russian and see what you think.

Molinari Caffè (72 proof)
Visual: Dark cola syrup.
Nose: An intriguing blend of strong coffee and licorice.  Very unusual and almost spice cake-like somehow.
Taste: Thick glycerine mouthfeel with the sambuca taking the lead.  The coffee flavor is well-balanced with dry and bright tones.  It tastes like coffee and that’s a good thing.
Finish: The anise subsides fairly quickly and you are left with a sugary espresso flavor that goes on for quite a while.
Overall: This is a bit sweeter than what I’d prefer to drink straight.  I think this will work well over ice and as a shot in your next coffee though.  No need to add any sweetener.
GSN Rating: B

For more information go to: 375 Park


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