GSN Review: Aperol Aperitivo

APEROLA distant relative of Campari, Aperol Aperitivo was created in 1919 in Padua, Italy.  No doubt due to two world wars in Europe, its success was slow in coming, taking a quarter of a century to finally gain a foothold in the mixology world.  Today, the Aperol Spritz is well-known and perhaps it’s most iconic legacy.

On the shelf, one might mistake Aperol for a less expensive version of Campari, and to a degree it is (it is even owned by the same company).  Made with rhubarb, cinchona, gentian, bitter and sweet oranges, it has the familiar chalky bitterness, but is much lighter, sweeter and milder.  Coming in at only 11% alcohol, this is less boozy than most wine and less than half the proof of Campari.

We here at the GSN offices have been experimenting with what we’re calling a Negroni Primavera, a lighter spring-like version of the Campari-gin-vermouth cocktail.

Add equal parts of Aperol, Old Tom gin and Lillet Blanc to an ice-filled rocks glass, then add a dash of orange bitters.  Stir and serve.

Aperol Aperitivo (22% abv)
Visual: Candy apple red.
Nose: Grapefruit, orange peel and framboise.
Taste: Sweet with a light bitter edge, almost like eating candied grapefruit peel.  A thick mouthfeel with an friendly and direct flavor.
Finish: Medium long with more of that candied citrus sensibility.
Overall: Definitely a gateway drug to Campari.  This works exceptionally well with Prosecco, gin, and even on its own over ice.
GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: Aperol

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