GSN Review: Leblon Seleção Verde Cachaça

Maison-Leblon-Selecao-Verde-2011-1Way back in 2009, GSN reviewed the original Leblon cachaca (We even used a different rating system back then!)  Now six years later, the spirit has truly caught on in the United States and there are many brands to choose from.  So, we were excited to learn that Leblon was introducing a special limited edition crafted from sugar cane harvested just last year.  The cane is hand cut and then pressed within three hours.  After fermentation, the juice is distilled in an alambique still and then aged in ex-cognac barrels for up to six months.  Finally, it is bottled unfiltered at still-strength (no water added).

Leblon Seleção Verde Cachaça 2014 Harvest (90 proof)
Visual: Crystal clear.
Nose: Deep funky sugar cane with a buttery, bison grass character.  Some lychee and asian fruit adds a brighter tone.  Finally there is a fresh peppery high note.
Taste: Clean, clear and bright with a lot of biting, spicy high notes.  The grassy quality is quite fresh, but not in your face as it seems to have been toned down by the sweetness of the cognac cask.  At the end there is a curious salinity.
Finish: Long and dry with a peppery finish.
Overall: Very nice and smooth with a depth and body that is greater than the Leblon flagship style.  This cachaca holds up well in a caipirinha cocktail quite well, but also makes for a fine sipper.
GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Leblon Cachaca


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