GSN Review: Westland Sherry Wood & Peated American Single Malt Whiskeys

westlanddistillaryGSN has previously reviewed Westland’s flagship American Single Malt here.  The office loved it and were sad to see the bottle empty after just a few days. (Hey, we love our Manhattans!)  So, we were excited to hear of two new products in the Seattle distillery’s portfolio.  A Sherry barrel aged version, and a smokey peated expression.  Read on to hear our thoughts on these siblings.

Westland Sherry Wood (92 proof)
Visual: Mellow gold.
Nose: Honey, sweet sherry, heathery malt.
Taste: Gorgeously smooth, mellow and ripe with whiskey flavor.  Everything is perfectly balanced with a heady dose of sherry infused oak.  Liquid dessert.
Finish: Long with plenty of winey notes that keep leaping to the forefront.
Overall: A perfect marriage of American whiskey and the ghost of Spanish Sherry.  Brilliant!
GSN Rating: A+

Westland Peated (92 proof)
Visual: Pale yellow-green.
Nose: Peaty smoke, but subdued.
Taste: The peat character is underplayed and adds just a touch of old world familiarity.  Overall, the whiskey shines through.  Chewy, tasty and masculine with a hint of coy femininity.
Finish: Long with some lingering smoke, but really it’s all about the fruity pale malt.  I’m left tasting green apple and banana bread.
Overall: A great introduction for the novice seeking a peated whiskey.  Goes down very easily.
GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Westland Distillery


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