GSN Review: Depaz Blue Cane Rhum Agricole

Depaz-Blue-Cane-Rhum-Agricole-300dpiDepaz rhum hails from the West Indian country of Martinique.  Originally established in 1651 by the French Governor Jacques Duparquet, The Depaz Family Estate Distillery was located at the base of the infamous Mont Pelée which erupted in 1902.  Almost 30,000 inhabitants of Saint-Pierre, the original capital perished including all but one member of the Depaz family. Fifteen years later, Victor Depaz returned to the island to rebuilt his family’s estate, distillery and his life.Amazingly, rhum agricole makes up only 3% of the rum available around the globe.  It literally means agricultural rum, made from sugar cane as opposed to molasses which is a by-product of the sugar industry.  In fact, the cane grown for Depaz is only harvested between February and May, limiting the amount available for production.  In addition, the species of cane (Blue) only grows in a few areas of Martinique making it even more limited.  After distillation, the rhum is aged for a few years in charred French oak barrels before being blended and bottled.

Depaz also makes a Cane Syrup for use in cocktails.  Try some with the agricole in a rhum Old-Fashioned.

Depaz Blue Cane Rhum Agricole (90 proof)
Visual: Pale gold.
Nose: Quite oaky with fine head notes of grassy sugarcane.  There’s no mistaking this for anything but a rhum agricole.  Rich and intoxicating.
Taste: A bit fiery due to the higher proof, but this gives it an excellent palate on which the oakiness and spice of the wood hang beautifully.  I pick up baked apple, old leather, creme brulee, vanilla sugar, and rich cane syrup.
Finish: Lots of peppery notes go on for a few minutes while the more subtle and quieter aspects beat a low thrum of tropic spiritude.  It’s a beverage that begs for one sip after another.
Overall: This tastes like history in a glass.  One can easily imagine sipping a snifter of this on the veranda of the main house on a Jamaican sugar plantation.  A great rhum and one you should seek out for your collection.
GSN Rating: A

Depaz Cane Syrup: Thick, rich and flavorful with a rustic and honest character.  Perfect for cocktails that call for a bit of body and color. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Depaz Rhum

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