GSN Review: Tia Maria

tia_marianew__24712.1407758380.1280.1280The story of Tia Maria “Aunt Mary” goes back to 1655 Oliver Cromwell’s sent military forces to take control of Jamaica from Spain.  During this period, so the story goes, a maid by the name of Mary saved her mistress’ jewelry box from being stolen by the British.  It contained a pair of black pearl earrings and the recipe for a family liqueur.  Yep, you guessed it.  Eventually, it gained the name of Tia Maria at some point in memory of the housekeeper.

Almost 300 years later, a Jamaican blood transfusion pioneer by the name of Dr. Kenneth Leigh Evans was served some of the beverage by the descendents of the family recipe.  He convinced them that it should be produced on a larger scale, and the local Booker Rum Group began producing it by 1958.

It’s a simple blend of vanilla bean, Blue Mountain coffee and Jamaican rum, but has gained a following in over 60 countries since being introduced.

Tia Maria (53 proof)
Visual: Cola brown.
Nose: Bittersweet coffee essence with a touch of chocolate caramel.
Taste: Very sweet coffee and sugar.
Finish: Sweet sugar goes on with a more subtle and dry coffee bean taste.
Overall: We’ve been using this in a few different ways around the GSN offices.  If you want to add some of this to your morning coffee, we won’t tell anyone.  At night, try this in your next Black or White Russian instead of the usual Mexican liqueur.
GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: Tia Maria

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