GSN Review: La Quintinye Vermouth Royal

LaQuintinyeVermouth is making a huge comeback, which is a welcome change from the ultra-dry Martini type thinking which relegated this tasty beverage to the back of the bar.  Recently, a triad of styles: extra dry, blanc and rouge were crafted by the fine people at Ciroc vodka and G’Vine gin.  They knew what they were looking for when blending the flavor profile.  Unusually, they decided to use Pineau des Charentes, a blend of grape juice and grape brandy.  The vermouth is also unfiltered and has no added caramel coloring.  What you see is what you get.

The name of the vermouth comes from a French gardener.  Jean-Baptiste de la Quintinie (pronounced Quin-Tea-Knee) worked in Louis XIV’s famed Gardens of Versailles.  He was responsible for providing the best fruits, vegetables and herbs for the Sun King while he was staying at the palace.

Blanc (16% ABV)  Pale gold with a heavy floral character.  Citrus, lavender and light spice flavor with an edgy bite.
GSN Rating: A

Rouge (16.5% ABV)  Deep amber with cherry, raspberry and cranberry overtones.  More of these come out in the flavor profile, but with the additional of a curious menthol quality.  Unlike any other vermouth you’ve had, guaranteed.
GSN Rating: A+

Extra Dry (17% ABV)  Pleasant gold color with poultry baking spices on the nose.  The flavor is a blend of lemon zest, rosemary and sage with the typical bitterly dry wormwood adding a touch more intensity than many would enjoy in a Martini.
GSN Rating:  B+

For more information go to: La Quintinye

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