GSN Review: Tippleman’s Mixers & Syrups

Island-Orxata-front_1024x1024The Good Spirits News staff reviewed the original Bittermilk cocktail mixer portfolio back in 2014.  You can read about it here.  Then they added a few more flavors which you can read about here.  Now, Joe & Mari-Elena Raya, the husband and wife team from Bittermilk recently released a selection of hand crafted syrups geared toward the working bartender.  As Joe says, “I feel like if you can take the labor out of someone’s job, it leaves them more time to innovate and experiment with flavors.  We’re not trying to make a bar into a SodaStream, we’re just trying to consolidate the bar: You can’t run out of something in the middle of service.” They’ve released six different flavors, all of which can be used in a myriad of cocktails.  Personal favorites include the Oleo Saccharum and Orxata the former of which is crucial to many punches and the latter which is a Spanish relative to Orgeat.
  • Burnt Sugar
    • Organic cane sugar kettle-cooked to a rich black color and bold bittersweet flavor.  Try this in an Old-Fashioned or to give some mystique to a Tiki style libation.
  • Smoked Maple
    • Organic B Maple syrup slowly cold smoked with smoldering bourbon soaked Willett barrel staves.  Maple is a natural for Bourbons, Ryes and anejo rums.
  • Lemon Oleo Saccharum
    • Hand peeled citrus that has been saturated in organic cane sugar to express natural lemon oils and flavors.  Try this in Fish House Punch, or in an upscale Lemon Drop.
  • Falernum
    • Robust syrup made with juiced ginger, fresh lime peel, and freshly ground tropical spices.  A must for a Zombie or a Corn ‘n Oil cocktail.
  • Island Orxata
    • Orgeat-style syrup made with cracked corn, toasted sesame, and natural essences of allergen-free bitter almond and jasmine.  Fantastic in Milk Punch and the classic Mai Tai, this version also works great in a Scorpion Bowl.
  • Ginger Honey
    • Juiced ginger blended with organic wildflower honey to make a rich syrup.  Try a touch of this in a Dark and Stormy or a Bee’s Knees cocktail.

For more information go to Tipplemans

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