GSN Review: The Bitter Truth Cucumber Bitters


We here at Good Spirits News have reviewed our share of bitters over the years.  At last count there were over 80 bottles and at least 40 different flavors  in our collection.  However, Cucumber Bitters is not one of them.  In fact, there are only three companies in the world currently making this unusual style of bitters. Two in New Orleans, and one in Germany.

Recently, The Bitter Truth’s Stephan Berg from Munich sent us a bottle for review.

The Bitter Truth Cucumber Bitters – On the nose, these smell a bit like pickles.  Not surprising, since the ingredients include mustard seeds.  The flavor is fresh and vibrant with an initial blast of cucumber, followed by a hint of mustard and then a peppery spice.  Quite tasty and unusual with an overall veg & herb profile.

These are perfectly designed for gin and tonics, martinis (either gin or vodka), and even in Pimm’s Cups.  A few dashes will liven up a cocktail in a way that will definitely make you take notice and as Professor Jerry Thomas said, “Smile”.

GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: The Bitter Truth


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