GSN Backbar Review: August 10-14, 2015

downloadPhiladelphia’s New Liberty Distillery has added a trio of new whiskies to its portfolio: Kinsey 99 Bourbon, Kinsey Cask Strength Rye and Kinsey Cask Strength 7-Year-Old Whiskey. A blend of Bourbons aged between two and five years, Kinsey 99 Bourbon ($44.99) is bottled at 99 proof and available in a 750-ml. format, while both Kinsey Cask Strength Rye and 7-Year-Old Whiskey ($39.99 each) are at 115 proof and packaged in 375-ml. bottles. All three entries will are rolling out this month across Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C., South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

download (1)Hillsboro, Oregon’s Big Bottom Distilling is adding to its line with the release of Oregon Pear Brandy ($45 a 750-ml.). The 80-proof offering is made from a blend of Asian pears grown in the Willamette Valley. An Oregon Apple Brandy is expected to debut later this fall. The craft distiller’s portfolio also includes several Big Bottom Whiskey and Calhoun Bros. straight Bourbon and rum products, sold in Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, Arizona, Illinois, Georgia and South Carolina.

download (2)Michter’s Distillery is bringing back its Michter’s US 1 Toasted Barrel Finish Bourbon in October. The whiskey, which receives an 18-month finish in a second barrel that’s lightly toasted and not charred, was on the market last year at $48 a 750-ml. before supplies ran out. It will be re-released this fall at $53.  A Michter’s 20-year-old Bourbon also will be released in October at $600, replacing a 25-year-old that’s now gone off the market. In addition, Michter’s Celebration Sour Mash, last released in December 2013 in limited quantities at $4,000, might become available again next year—and probably at higher prices, as some retailers sold the Celebration Sour Mash at prices surpassing $8,000 last year before supplies ran out.

download (3)Louisville, Kentucky’s Copper & Kings American Brandy Co. has launched Stray Cat Gin, a new limited edition entry. Made with an apple brandy base and classic gin botanicals, Stray Cat Gin is aged in a medium-char Serbian juniper barrel for 12 months and non-chill filtered. The 47%-abv gin, which is limited to 750 375-ml. bottles, is currently available at Copper & Kings’ distillery store and select bars and retail outlets, priced at $40 a bottle.

download (4)Beam Suntory has branched out with a new flavored offering in the Jim Beam lineup with the launch of Jim Beam Apple. The 70-proof Bourbon-based liqueur, a blend of apple liqueur and Kentucky straight Bourbon, joins the brand’s other flavored offshoots, including Jim Beam Honey, Red Stag by Jim Beam, Jim Beam Maple and Kentucky Fire.

All information courtesy of Shanken News Daily


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