GSN Review: Amarena Fabbri Cherries


Cocktail cherries have been around for almost as long as cocktails themselves.  The Fabbri Company of Bologna, Italy has been crafting their own style of cherries since 1905.

The story begins in Portomaggiore, when Gennaro and Rachele Fabbri opened a general store in the town near a wild cherry orchard. One day, Rachele picked, pitted, cooked and candied them for her husband.  To thank her for her gift, Gennaro gave her ceramic jar to keep them in, made by Faenza artist Riccardo Gatti (1886-1972).  Ever since, the cherries have been sold in a similar jar.

The company is overseen by the fourth generation of Fabbri’s, and now produces seventeen different products.  But, the cherries are the number one seller worldwide.

Amarena Fabbri Cherries – If you’re looking for an alternative to the ubiquitous Luxardo Maraschino cherries, this is a great choice.  Candied in syrup that is thick and bursting with flavor (I always add a dash of syrup to my Manhattans along with a cherry), these Amarena cherries are smaller, lighter in color and less “chewy”.  The white and blue glass jar looks spiffy on your bar, and each 1.32lb container holds about 75 cherries.  GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Fabbri 1905

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