GSN Review: Pearl Lime Basil & Strawberry Basil Vodka


Pearl vodka is made from winter wheat and Canadian Rocky Mountain water. Each bottle is distilled five times and filtered.  Nautral flavorings are then added.

Pearl Lime Basil Vodka (70 proof)
Visual: Clear.
Nose: More lime peel than basil leaf, but a very interesting mix.
Taste: Quite sweet and sugary with a lime forward flavor.  The basil disappears altogether here which is a shame.
Finish: Medium long with a lot of residual sweetness.
Overall: I would have liked more basil presence.  But, on a more positive note, you can drink this straight from the freezer or on the rocks and it works as a decent pre-mixed cocktail.
GSN Rating: B

Pearl Strawberry Basil Vodka (70 proof)
Visual: Clear.
Nose: Strawberry bubblegum nose, with no basil detected at all.
Taste: Again, more of the strawberry chewing gum flavor with a sweetness to match.  No basil makes itself known.
Finish: Medium long with lasting sugary, sweet notes of artificial strawberry flavor.
Overall: A rather flat and disappointing vodka.  This could have been an interesting entrant in the flavored vodka category, but it just doesn’t live up to its promise.
GSN Rating: C-

For more information go to: Pearl Vodka

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