GSN Review: Baileys Espresso Creme


We all know Baileys Irish Cream, it’s been around since 1974 and began a love for creme liqueurs the world over. Over the past few years the R & A Bailey & Co. located in Dublin, Ireland has added several different expressions to their portfolio.  Espresso Creme is their latest.

Baileys Espresso Creme (17% abv)
Visual: Beige.
Nose: Coffee, cream and a slight hint of cocoa.
Taste: Quite sweet and thick with plenty of bittersweet coffee.  There is a hint of chocolate hidden deep within the overt espresso character.
Finish: Medium-long with heavily sugared and creamed coffee.
Overall: Like an alcoholic coffee creamer.  Pleasant enough for one small glass on the rocks, but more than that and it’s like having that second piece of cake.
GSN Rating: B

For more information go to: Baileys

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